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6th-Dec-2015 02:56 pm - Birthday Shout Out!
Greetings everyone how are you all?

Today my dear friend btamamura turned 30 today! :D

Sadly she's feeling a little under the weather this year so she can't go out anywhere but may she have a wonderful birthday and hope that she gets well soon.

Tammy's Birthday GiftCollapse )
Here's a little gift art made for her birthday =3

Happy Birthday Tammy! <3

That's all for now
26th-Jan-2015 06:34 pm - FanFiction Spam
Hello everyone how are you all?

I made this Journal to warn anyone who are not aware about an odd spam that I noticed on FanFiction.net the other day there's a user by the name of 'jqd142' who would post an odd spam that would go something like this "사당동출장안마A급콜걸OlO 6821 7822사당동출장마사지" over and over on story titles, story descriptions, the story itself, and tags them in many fandoms such as Albert the 5th Musketeer, American Dragon: Jake Long, Alvin and the chipmunks, Addams Family, Batman, and some other fandoms I never saw or not fully interested in.

So if you or anyone you know has an account on FanFiction do NOT talk to that person instead just report the 'stories', block the user, hopefully the rest will take care of itself and the sooner the person is kicked out the site the better.

That's it for now have a nice day/night :)
5th-Dec-2014 07:52 pm - Tammy's 29th Birthday Present
Hello everyone how are you all?

Today is a special day for it is my dear friend's btamamura 29th birthday today in Austrailia timezone and here is the present she is waiting for

..Happy Birthday Tannmy!Collapse )
I must thank my sister how lended a hand this year as I did struggle abit while making the present for her and hope this makes Tammy feel a bit better as she's unwell for a while now and seems that she's still unwell for her birthday this year bless her heart

Happy Birthday Tammy! hope you get well soon X3
12th-Nov-2014 07:48 pm - Another Random Update
Hey everyone how are you all?

Just thought I make this journal a little more active with another random update of what I've done today so far

I had an apointment to have an eye test for the first time since my eyes were a bit wired lately could be cause I was using the screen more then I should have silly me ^^' (but working on cutting it down the screen time as much as I can on weekdays)
So when I went to the opticians and when the test was over the result is that I needed prescription glasses more for the right eye then the left but the left eye is having a smaller amount so it won't make it worse I bought two pairs (buy one get one free deal) and once they are ready and if they work well for me I'll be using them only if I need to as the guy who tested my eyes say that I don't have to wear them all the time I took it well much better then the blood test I took yesterday plus I think wearing glasses isn't a bad thing at all as I find glasses are cool much better then contact lenses in my opinion anyways.

That's it for now have a nice day/might
11th-Nov-2014 08:15 pm - Random Update
Hey there everyone how are you all?

It's been quite a few days since I was last active but now I'm back and here what I went through today

I went to the doctors to do a blood test in the afternoon and needless to say I was scared as I never liked needles when I was young still don't like them nowadays.

It was a bit difficult at first due to the small blood vessels in my arms the first attempt on my left arm was not succesfull (she missed the vessel by mile =/) so one of the nurse went to get a senior nurse to try again I was very scared when the senior nurse used the "butterfly" but in the end the second attempt was a success and glad it's all over and done with despite the pain in my arm on and off but it'll pass.

That's it for now have a nice day/night.
4th-Nov-2014 07:37 pm - Tumblr Spam
Hello everyone how are you all?

I was thinking about posting this subject yesterday but was a bit tad tired to do so but now I'm quite awake to make this post about what I have saw while I was on Tumblr. I have 2 reasons why I'm making this post the first reason I wondered if people on LJ have already made a post about though (most likely they have but just incase) the second reason is so my friends including my dear friend btamamura, and my other dear friend verona7881 would be aware of this if they would go onto Tumblr and also would also be nice to warn people who come across this journal and that are new to Tumblr so here's what happend.

Yesterday I have received an ask from a lady who called heself "Erica" and would say something like this
EricaCollapse )
This screenshot was the second time she contacted me like this as the first ask she did before was deleted (not sure if I deleted it or Tumblr did) but when I saw this ask I was also been followed by this lady.

When I first got her ask she mentoned she was working with a team at some sort of game magazine or somesort and also menionted a name of one of the games (forgot what it was) at first I thought that I normally don't play this type of games bu would be awesome to beta test again like I once beta tested LBP2 (it was fun and awesome btw X3) but part of me felt like I should look it up for more info before thinking of trying it out.

Long story short when I found the result on Google I found out that alot of people replied to this Erica and they were not good ones, according to the replies I saw (and some of them took the piss with some long RP story crap) few say it's a Virus (although I highly doubt that), and many like how I thought about it as I read them that she and her team are advertising thier old games they made and call it thier "newest games" just to get more money which I think it's right down cheeky of them.

On some of the notes some people left small comments complaining how much she annoys them and "I got this like 10 TIMES!" I do admit that it is quite irritating when people like Erica spam users with such crap! luckly you can block/ignore her on Tumblr, I'm not sure how to do that when she isn't following you but I do know how to block people that does and unfortunately for Erica she followed me on the same day she left that ask and I'll tell you how :3

First off in your dash on the right side of the screen you click on followers it will take you to a list of people that followed you on on your blog, when you see the list you click on the 'ignore' button like this
Ignore Erica :3Collapse )
Once you click on the ignore button she will bother you no more with her silly asks as they will automatically be deleted >:3

I dunno if Erica has a LJ account or not and if she's watching this post right now sorry "honey" but even if you ask nicely it ain't gonna do you any good as I'm not interested in your "newest games" not now, not ever.

That's all for now have a nice day folks :3
3rd-Nov-2014 10:12 pm - Gosh! It's Been Such A Long Time! D:
Hello everyone how are you all?

Goodness gracious! it's been nearly 7 whole months since I last put up a joutnal post just... well just about anything! I have been using this account almost everyday at least once a day to check up on my dear friend btamamura to see if everything is well for her and do leave a comment or few on her posts every now and then but now that my other dear friend verona7881 is planning on using her LJ more often I plan to try to post more Journal posts as often as I can from now on.

That's all for now.
9th-Apr-2014 03:40 pm - Musketeer Group
Hello everyone how are you all?

It's been a while since I last made a post here but I thought that now is a good time to make a post about a Fan club I made on DA two days ago called Musketeers-Fan-Club a place where all the fans of the Musketeers get together and talk about their favorite characters, and their favorite versions of the Musketeers in books, films, and cartoons alike.

Not only they can put their art work of the Musketeers and other characters but they can also put their fanficton work on there as well just as long as they follow the rules before submitting any of their work and the group welcome every fan with open arms.

If anyone is interested in checking out the group feel free to check it out http://musketeers-fan-club.deviantart.com/

That's it for now have a nice day :3
5th-Dec-2013 04:06 am - Tammy's 28th Birthday Present
Hey everyone how are you all?

I just wanted to show a lovely present for my dear friend btamamura hope you enjoy the picture sweetheart!

Happy Birthday Tammy ~ <3Collapse )

Just a little present I just finished for my dear friend btamamura for her 28th Birthday

This time only pokemon instead of people like last year's gift which she still loves ^^ the pokemon in this Picture is Tracey's Marill and Cilan's Pansage holding Birthday cupcakes :3

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday hun <3
5th-Sep-2013 08:58 pm - New Things Yippie!
Good evening everyone how are you all?

Things are going well so far ups and downs like any day as normal but lately it's been awesome yesterday I got my very first Cintiq and I love it still a little wobbly but I'll get used to it and today I got a brand new laptop! no more freezing on itself and have to turn it off manually cause of some sites I go to and no more random self resets!

Even though the laptop has Windows 8 it's doing well for me so far and hopefully it'll stay well :3

That's all for now
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